Friday, October 17, 2014

Beautiful Eyes #SheBad

Song Of Songs

2014 (The Odyssey) - Theo #BEATS

Dr Mindbender - Theo #BEATS

Double Helix DNA - Theo #BEATS

Sacred Canon - Theo #BEATS

The Shamen F/ Prince - Theo #BEATS

Atlantis - C.O.T.G - Theo #BEATS

Divine Architecture - Theo #BEATS

Organic Machines - Theo #BEATS

Outerspace (Love) - Theo #BEATS

Theotokos (The God Bearer) - Theo #BEATS

The Edge - Theo #BEATS

Chuuuuch Word - Theo #BEATS

Humble Cakes (Alternative Soul Beats)

White Chocolate (Alternative Soul Beats)

No Where To Hide - Theo #BEATS

Hip Dip (Skipped A Beat) - Theo #BEATS

Pocket Full Of Sunshine 2.0 - Theo #BEATS

Pocket Full Of Sunshine 1.0 - Theo #BEATS

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

See You When I Get There (Tony! Toni! Tone! Sampled)

Whatever (Tony! Toni! Tone! Sampled)


Game Of Throne (You Will Rue This Day)

Lucrezia Borgia (Welcome To Court)



Truth Serum (The Final Dose 2014)

Truth Serum (Second Dose)

Truth Serum

Angel (Music Plays) #BEATS

608 Maitland Drive #BEATS

Photograph (Chanelle)

23 West (Chanelle)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Order From Chaos #BEATS

Malleus Maleficarum #BEATS

Carnaval Of Souls - Theo BEATS

The Collective - Theo BEATS

Theology - Theo BEATS

Theologian - Theo BEATS

Sluts Funky (Cookin) - Beat Classics

70's Prostitutes Theme Music - Beat Classics

West Crackin - West BEATS

Final Bounce - West BEATS

Wet Bass #BEATS

Nibru #BEATS

The Fourth Kind - Theo Beats

Stroke Of Genius - Theo Beats

Burning And Looting #BEATS

Lucid Dreams Featuring Michael Jackson #BEATS

Rabbits In The Fields - Theo Beats

Tuba GODS - Theo Beats

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The New Exhibit - Hardcore BEAT

Disque Order - Hardcore BEAT

The Macabre Danse - Horror Score Beat

Philosophers Stone - Horror Score Beat

Dead Silence - Horror Score Beat

Posession Sessions - Horror Score Beat

Death Masque - Horror Score Beat

Redrum INK - Horror Score Beat

Reminisce - Hip Hop Beat

Truly Scrumptious - Hip Hop Beat

Classic Detox Beats - Headhunters

Classic Detox Beats - Stealth Made Millionaire

Uni Verses - HOT BEATS

Roll Call - HOT BEATS

Too Much Weight

Art Offcial

Talk About A Few Thangs

Valentines Day

Guitar Drunk Composition (Beats)

The Untouchables - Retro Mix (Beats)

Westcoast Beats - COTG 12-21-12

Westcoast Beats - Aqua Drop

Westcoast Beats - Jumpin Jumpin

Westcoast Beats - Iron Lightbulb

Westcoast Beats - Bloodshead

Westcoast Beats - Ballin Outta Kontrol

Westcoast Beats - Class Of 99

Westcoast Beats - Afterparty

Magnum Opus - Theo BEATS

Tree Of Life / The Fountain - Theo BEATS